Funny Stories

I'll try to find any funny stories, and post links here. There are lots more in the blog, so if you have time, don't assume these are the only funny stories here.
Romeo -Here's a good one. Worth reading again, even if you've read it already.
He'll remember me forever
My Shabbaton to Buffalo, part 1
Giving Blood Now I just donate blood and don't make a big any deal of it. Back then, I was really excited to.
Buy Pepsi What comes up in your subject line?
So There I Was
What Dreams May Come
Doctor, Doctor! This is good.
Winner Winner
Bumming cigarettes The Rosh is in this one.
Tefillin Paint
Red Paint
Tree People This brings back fond memories.
Clowning Around Drunk clowns, exacto knives, thousands of children....
We're all winners..
Chanuka Mivtzoim