Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In the land of lego

I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to go to LegoLand, on Chol Hamoed. (And if I'd like to have such opportunities for my entire lifetime, I can pay a mere $2,500 for lifelong membership!)
I went together with my nieces and nephews, so our group had two strollers in our posse.
At the first ride/attraction, everyone filed up to the entrance. Being the responsible Yungerman that I am, I slowly let the others pass, and was hanging back near the strollers. My brother-in-law asked me, "Yossi, aren't you coming on the ride?"
I nervously glanced to the empty strollers, that had been left outside the entrance. It's good they have such a responsible family member, I thought to myself. "No," I told him, "I don't mind staying to watch the strollers. You guys go ahead."
Everyone turned to look at me, eyebrows raised. Their stares gave me concern, so I checked for potato in my teeth (it was Pesach), and that my pants were zipped up.
"Just leave them there. Come on!" I was told.
"Ummm...shouldn't someone stay here though? I really don't mind."
They laughed at my sense of humor. "Yossi. This is California."
Wow. I indeed left the strollers behind, but kept a concerned watch on them throughout our winding line up to the ride.
What a great place, where you can leave things unattended!
But of course, such is the magic and splendor in the Land of the Lego.