Sunday, August 21, 2011

Are you nervous?

IY"H, I'm getting married in a week. People have been asking me throughout the summer: Are you nervous? Going crazy?
My answer is- Baruch Hashem, no. It can't come fast enough. Why should I be nervous? Yes, it's a big change in my life... but that change means a new life with my Kallah. That sounds great to me! When I proposed, it was because I wanted to marry her. Why should that change over time?
And why should I be going crazy? There may be lots of pratim to take care of, but looking at the bigger picture again: I'm getting married, IYH.

I know all my single audience members are reading this and thinking, "Great. We lost another one."
And my married readers are thinking, "Just give him a few months, and we'll see if his head is still in the clouds..."
My married readers are also thinking about the best time to invite the IYH soon-to-be new couple to their house for a Shabbos meal....