Sunday, July 24, 2011


A boy came to me while I was standing in line for food one day. He told me, "Rabbi **, from all the staff, you have the best manners!"

A boy couldn't walk without crutches, and needed help up the stairs. On Tuesday, the fast day, this boy was on the 1st floor, and needed to be carried up three flights, for Shacharis. Another boy helped me lug the boy up to Zal. Starting a fast day shlepping a 200-lb kid up flights of stairs is actually not fun.

At a Seuda, a boy who was sitting across from me suddenly disappeared from his seat. Later, I hear under my left ear, "Your whole body is getting very weak...." I turn, amused, to see that this boy had crawled under the table, and was kneeling beside me.
"Are you trying to hypnotize me?" I suppressed a laugh as he quickly shook his head, and scuttled back under the table, to his seat.

I was carrying a laundry bag, with intentions of laundering. A boy sees me, and knowing I'm a Chosson, jokes, "Yossi, are you practicing?" He was just trying to kid around, but I thought I'd push him a little, and make him realize that harassing a Chosson is definitely fun, but you have to make a joke that actually makes sense.
"Practicing for what? I've been doing my own laundry for the past 11 years."