Sunday, May 15, 2011

Night Tzitzis

The mitzvah of wearing Tzitzis is only during the daytime, not at night.
It is our custom, however, to wear tzitzis at night, as well, although we are Patur at that time.
There is a tshuva from the Tzemach Tzedek, as told to me by a trusted source (I haven't seen it inside), that discusses Night Tzitzis.
If you were to wear Night Tzitzis, you would not be gaining anything. You are not doing a mitzvah that you are Patur from. The mitzvah of tzitzis is only during the day, therefore to be considered doing the mitzvah at night, although not required to, you must wear Day Tzitzis at night.
People who have two pairs of tzitzis, and wear one during the day, and switch to a different pair at night are not performing our custom correctly. Since their tzitzis at night is designated for the night, they are not chayiv in tzitzis.

Making sense so far?

Most people own more than one pair of tzitzis. The reasoning behind not wearing the same pair night and day, is that when you wake up, you are already wearing tzitzis. We only make the bracha when we put on tzitzis, not when we are already wearing them. So if you have a second pair of tzitzis, it is easier to remove the tzitzis you wore at night, and don your second pair.


It is more preferable (according to this tshuva) to wear one pair of tzitzis, and in the morning to remove them, and put them on again, in order to make the bracha, than to have a second pair which you wear only at night, which allows you to very easily put on new tzitzis for the bracha.

The only way to have two pairs of tzitzis, would be if you wear both pairs in the days and nights (not at the same time, silly), so instead of a Day Tzitzis and Night Tzitzis, both pairs are Day Tzitzis, and then you can wear either pair at night, and be doing the mitzvah that we are Patur from.

Make sense?

Once I'm discussing tzitzis, here are a few other halachos:
- M'doriasa, a Beged is only chayiv in tzitzis if it is wool or linen.
-If a Beged has more than four corners, we still only hang tzitzis on four of the corners. Which corners do we choose? The four corner-ier ones, i.e. the ones most distant from each other.

**A friend of mine suggested that perhaps since most bochurim wake up past daybreak, they are indeed wearing their 'Night Tzitzis' during the day, so there is no problem...