Wednesday, March 23, 2011

That type of guy

A woman was speaking to me about a friend of mine.
She was using me as a reference for shidduchim purposes.
"Does he have any other hobbies or interests?" she asked me.
Hmmm, I thought (and hmmm'ed). "I think he may play the flute," I offered.
"Really? I hadn't heard that about him."
"Oh, then maybe not.... But he's the type of guy who could, even if he doesn't actually play. Like, I wouldn't be surprised if he played flute..." I tried explaining, while smacking myself on the forehead.
I called up my friend, and asked about the flute.
"No, I don't play flute, Yossi. I wonder who told her that..."
"Yeah, that was me, buddy. Sorry."