Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I'm not the best night sleeper.
During the day, or in the morning, I can sleep for as long as I want, but at night I can have trouble falling asleep, even if I'm exhausted.
So I bought something called Melatonin, which IS NOT a drug. It's an herbal supplement (sounds better, right?) that regulates your sleep patterns.
The problem: I didn't want to start taking it in New York, because I spent last week in California. Midnight on Eastern Time is only 9 o'clock on the West Coast, and that's too early to be falling asleep.
I didn't want to start taking it last night, because today IY"H I'm flying to Houston, Texas, for Purim. Texas is an hour behind us. I doubt I'll start taking it in Houston at night, because Monday I fly back to New York.
But I'm only in New York for a week and half before flying to Denver for a weekend. I don't mind going to sleep early while I'm there, but if the Bar Mitzvah Party goes late, they'll have to drag my sleeping body out of the hall, and I hate to inconvenience anyone.
So I could start taking my Melatonin after I come back from Denver, but I'm flying back there the next week for Pesach Merkos Shlichus.
And I know what you're thinking: If I'll be in Denver for a week helping with the Sedarim, than that's when I should start trying to regulate my sleep. But, in the middle of Pesach I'm IYH flying home to California, where I'll have the same problem I started off with at the beginning of my problem: it will be really early in Pacific Time that I'll be falling asleep.

Which means I may only be able to start sleeping well in over a month from now!