Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Kvaterin and Shushvina

In a great sicha in Chelek Chof Beis on our Parsha (Tazria), the Rebbe beautifully explains the meaning behind the Kvater/Kvaterin at the Bris, and the Shushvinin at the Chupah.
The escorts we have as a Chosson and Kallah have their source in Moshe and Aharon, who were the 'Shushvinin' at our 'marriage' with the Aibeshter at Matan Torah.

To help understand the reasons behind different details of these traditions (namely, why a pregnant woman does not participate), the Rebbe also gives insight into Kaparos, by answering the question: Why does a pregnant woman need to shlug chickens for her unborn baby? What aveiros has he/she done that his/her mother needs to bring a Kapara for?

Learn the sicha to find out the answer, and understand the mysticism of the Shushvinin at our Chupa, and Kvater/Kvaterin at the Bris, and why we should have more simcha at a Bris than at a Chasuna.