Tuesday, March 29, 2011

....if you like Raise Your Hand!!

In Texas, we spent the Shabbos before Purim with the shliach who brought us down, and his family.
They've got some great kids, including an adorable three-year-old-boy who absolutely adored me (no surprise there).
Early Friday night, I started playing Raise Your Hand. Whether they had heard of the game before or not, they immediately participated with an enthusiasm and vigor that had me nostalgic for my old kindergarten days.
"Raise your hand if you like..... chocolate!"
"Raise your hand if you like.....Shabbos!"

In the game, you take turns, letting each person tell the others whether or not to raise their hand.
"Raise your hand if you like.....Moshiach!"

Then we got kind of silly.
"Raise your hand if you like....plates!"

Nothing was safe if we could think of its name.
"Raise your hand if you like....airplanes!"
"Raise your hand if you like....ducks!"

One (who obviously has never played) may mistakenly assume this game gets pointless, boring, and drives you crazy.
We played this the entire Shabbos. It never truly got old, and three-year-olds are especially fond of it.

On Shabbos afternoon, I walked upstairs from the shul, to go to the kitchen for a cup of soda.
As I passed the shlucha reading on the couch, I hear, "Raise your hand if you like cups!" and I chuckled as I saw that my hand had automatically shot up.