Thursday, March 24, 2011

His greatest Ma'aleh

I just got off the phone with a woman calling about a friend of mine.
Towards the end of our conversation:
"What's his biggest Ma'aleh?" she asked me.
"His smile!" I told her.
"Awwww. That's really sweet!"
"Thank you."
"Did you really mean that, as his biggest ma'aleh?"
"Why not? It's definitely true. Is it his biggest? He has lots of ma'alois. Maybe he considers his chassidishkeit his biggest ma'aleh. Someone else might say his head for learning is his biggest ma'aleh. I can say his smile."
"Wow. You're a great friend."
"So is he!" I countered.
"He, he. Yes, I see. Thank you very much, and you should have a bracha for anything you need..."

*Note: not all shidduch conversations go like this. Sometimes I get a question that is so foolish, it's hard to stay sweet and mushy.