Monday, March 21, 2011

Get out of jail free

Yesterday morning, we drove two hours from Houston, to visit Beaumont, Texas, which hosts a huge federal prison complex.
We visited Jewish inmates in the Low and Medium Security facilities.
The prisoners really appreciated our visit, and the chance to hear the megillah.
After I leined for them, and we spoke about Purim, and Yiddishkeit, and stuff, it was time to leave.
"So how do I get outta here?" I asked them.
"Well, you leave through this door, and stop in the office over there..." the inmates pointed.
"Is there a tunnel I can use?" I asked.
Immediately,everyone was rolling with laughter.
"The opening to the tunnel is behind this bookcase!..."
"Don't tell the guards!"
I hope we helped to raise their spirits on the festive day of Purim!