Thursday, March 17, 2011


Last night I flew with a friend to Houston, Texas, to help the shluchim here, and to lein megillah for Jewish inmates.
Our flight was scheduled to arrive at 11:30 PM local time, so we had reservations at the rental company for midnight.
There must have been some helpful headwinds, because we arrived an hour early!!
To our dismay, Avis had very uncooperative employees. They refused to let us take our car an hour early, even though we were willing to pay for the additional hour. The reservation was for 12 AM, they told us, and there was nothing we could do. Even more, they made it sound like it was illegal for us to even cancel our reservation and make a new one, starting at the time we wanted to rent the car. We were not allowed to cancel our reservation! Why not??!! We demanded to know. If we just walk away and don't rent a car, you don't have a credit card on file, how can you stop us?
Anyway, they made us sit there for an hour, waiting.
We quietly joked that if we walked up to the counter at 12:01, we'd be told, "Oh. You're late. Your reservation says 12:00. You'll have to pay an additional...."
But B"H, here I am, in Houston, on the Rebbe's Shlichus, blogging about the awful customer service that Avis showed us.