Thursday, November 11, 2010

No respect for the present

An older woman met an ultra-religious Jewish young man at the corner.
"How despicable!" she told him, "Look at you Jews. You have no respect at all for modern society. You are stubborn and backwards and refuse to change your clothes or your styles. This isn't medievel Europe."
The young man looked at her curiously, and said, "Excuse, ma'am. I'm not Jewish. I'm Amish."
The woman blushed, and quickly said, "Oh, my, I'm so sorry! Of course you are. Well it is quite admirable that you don't let the change in culture sway you from your religious moors. I respect your defiance in the face of adversity..."

The joke as I heard it actually took place on a subway, but then you always have someone asking how an Amish person can ride a subway.

Anyway my friend told me that when these Amish (although they were probably Mennonite, what does COL know?) men were on Kingston, he heard a Chabadnick telling them this very joke, and everyone was laughing at the end!