Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chanuka Mivtzoim

For anyone who hasn't heard yet, DansDeals is arranging this year's Chanuka Mivtzoim.
Every bochur has two choices, Las Vegas or Cancun.
As of now, there are close to 50 bochurim going to Las Vegas for Chanukah. For this reason, there will be a Rosh Yeshiva and Mashpia flying with them, to set up a temporary, week-long yeshiva. An Ohel-style permanent tent will be set up right on the Strip, for bochurim to spend their daytime hours learning. A kovetz limud is being printed, and this blog will have a sneak peak!
A large refrigerated truck, like the ones that are outside 770 for Tishrei, has already started to make its way across the country.

Always the independent one, you won't see me in the lobby of the Bellagio this Chanuka.
A shliach is flying me down to Houston, Texas! The one condition I gave was that I be taken to a cowboy hat store. (Pictures definitely to follow.)

We are looking for other websites to sponsor this year's Purim and Pesach Shlichus....