Saturday, November 13, 2010

Boring Blog

My blog is a little boring, I think. Lots of words, not so many pictures.

This photo was taken on my Merkos Shlichus last Pesach, in Colorado. We drove through some gorgeous mountains to a tiny city called Telluride. It was freezing cold when we were posing near this lake, on the side of the highway.

This is a box with candy in it. I filled a box with over 25 pounds of candy and nosh to send to the boy I learn over the phone with as part of MyShliach, under Merkos. This was a birthday present, he was turning 12. Don't assume I only wanted him to have rotten teeth. I also put in the Hebrew/English volume of Hayom Yom.

When I was on Shlichus in the yeshiva in L.A., the shluchim took a trip up to San Francisco. Here's my friend slowly making his way down Lombard Street (the really curvy and steep street).

This is an ostrich, attacking our car in a safari at a Six Flags in New Jersey. Don't worry, we were safe in our car. But the baby in the car next to us was becoming giraffe food, offered by her parents, overjoyed at the close up they were getting.