Tuesday, September 28, 2010


A young woman, originally modern orthodox but now estranged from her family, told me how she had visited Crown Heights lots of times. She started the whole "Chabad is never on time" thing, which you kind of have no way to dispute. Then she started speaking about 770, how she was there and of course, nobody started on time.
"Nooooo..." I said, along with the other bochurim at the table, in a quiet, drawn out way. "770 is always on time. Perfectly. You can choose any other place in Crown Heights to complain about, but not 770." She started arguing with us, declaring that she was in 770 and whatever it was that was supposed to start, had not done so in its proper time.
"Noooooo...." we told her again. "Maybe you thought it was supposed to start at a certain time... But we guarantee that whenever they started, that was the correct time. 770 is always punctual!"
She wouldn't give up her claim, and we couldn't persuade her that we knew what happened that day better than she did (even though we did know).