Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Haircare; Reason #1

I"ll make this quick.
I was in Target, trying to buy shampoo (and minding my own business, of course), when I came to a big obstacle. Normally I had been buying the Pantene ProV brand, and I would make sure to get the one that has shampoo and conditioner, 2 in 1. On this shopping day, I could find no 2 in 1's that fit my hair description. The only one available for purchase was for Frizzy to Smooth hair. And I don't have frizzy hair!
So here was my dilemma: Is it better to get a nice smelling other shampoo, that's only a shampoo, and no conditioner, or go with the 2 in 1, that has a conditioner, but it's not for my hair!? If my hair is already smooth, will it damage it to use shampoo meant for frizzy hair? And what does a conditioner even do? Do men need conditioner? Why had I been using shampoo and conditioner up until this point?
I didn't know, and my mother wasn't answering her phone! The next best thing was to ask the woman standing next to me in the aisle, but she wasn't too helpful.

This leads me to the inauguration of a new part of my blog.
This is Reason # 1 to get married- for my haircare necessities.