Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Gut GeBentch't Yuhr!

Everyone should be written and sealed for a Shana Tova Umesuka!
Ksiva Vachasima Tova!

I've decided on what type of year I'll be davening for. I'm giving up on asking for a pony, and to win the lottery. I'm sticking with a basic game-plan. All I'm requesting from the Al-mighty this year is that no more of my friends should die, and that girls and guys who have waited much too long to get married should finally be able to do so, and enjoy a normal life.
I'm not asking for anything spectacular. All Hashem needs to do is let us live normal, uninterrupted, simple lives. I don't need to be drafted onto the Yankees, or save a plane from being hijacked.
Got that, G-d?
No dead friends, and only satisfied Kollel Yuhngerlite and their Kallahs.
You do Your part, and I'll stick to the davening, learning, and doing mitzvos.

Here's to a Happy and Healthy 5771!!