Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm a loser

Many of my campers think I'm a loser. Not because they know me personally. Just simply because I'm a counselor.
I was at one kid's house, and we were playing video games. I even told him I used to play Super Smash Brothers on my old N-64, yet he was totally surprised I could hold my own on his Game Cube version.
Next came Ping Pong. He was teaching me how to play as if I was seven years old. I'm twelve years older than him, but he was genuinely surprised that I could play ping pong.
Why do these kids assume because we are frum, that we cannot do anything?

Just today, we had an awesome time at laser tag. As we were setting up the teams, there were some very big guys playing with us. One camper decided we should split ourselves among the other guys, to make the teams fair. "Because we're just four kids, and only one counselor. And he's Jewish." As in, he couldn't possibly be good at laser tag. [And guess who led the Red team to victory with the most points of either team? Good ol' Bochur in Lubavitch, that's who.]