Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bar mitzvah bochurim

I had the pleasure to daven today in 770 next to a Bar Mitzvah Bochur. I strongly suggest to my readers to try and find one to daven next to, as well.
Over nine years have passed since my Bar Mitzvah, and it's quite refreshing (especially during these Elul days) to see the verve and passion of a young 13 year old kid, davening with a minyan.
Do you remember when you were so excited just to start putting on tefillin? To be counted with a minyan?
Where and when did we lose it? After how many years has it changed from something cherished to a chore?
One of the things that I plan to pay more attention to in Tof Shin Ayin Aleph is my Avodas HaTefillah.
Elul of course hits us hard from all sides, and for each part of our Avodah. The different psukim which give us the acronym for Elul hint to each part of the Avodah:
"Ani ledodi vdodi li" is about our connection to our Beloved: Hashem. This represents our Tefillah.
"Inah Lyado Vsamti Lach" is about the cities of refuge. Elsewhere it says that the words of Torah are our refuge.
"[Umal] Es Levavcha ves Levav" is about us doing Tshuva.
"Ish Lrayahu Umatanos Levyoinim" is of course about giving gifts of food to our friends, and money to the poor, which represents Gimilus Chassadim.

From Chai Elul we get Chayus for the whole chodesh, and from now until Rosh Hashana is the heavy stuff. Give it all you got, and make sure you are with all the King's men when He returns to the palace!