Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I've moved into 1414.
It's not that bad. It's not that good, either, but you've got to look on the bright side.
Speaking of the bright side, I'll be having an Israeli Bochur move in with a mattress, in the middle of the room, beginning soon until after Tishrei. [Last year's kvutza leaves in Cheshvan, and the new kvutza comes now.]
So you can be sure I'll be posting pictures of my Israeli Bochur, and you can watch him grow! I'm pretty sure I can water him, and he'll grow, similar to a Chia Pet. I haven't picked a name for him yet, 'cause golly, I haven't even seen him! What if I choose Latoya, and then I see him, and he's for sure a Dave??

One of my first teachers told me about the days when you'd have to watch where you step in 1414, lest you fall through a hole in the floor, and land on the story beneath. I was also told he would bring his own toilet seat, whenever heading to the bathroom.