Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

Today I was about to die from the heat. We were in Six Flags, and the sweltering temperature passed 104 degrees. For those not in the know, my foot has been sore for some time, so I was limping around from ride to ride, dizzy from the turns and drops, and exhausted from the heat...
We kept getting as much water as we could.
Part of this Six Flags is a water park, that in some other parks is a separate cost and ticket. Our kids wanted to go, of course, but we gave them a strict message on Tznius (we're like that- very chassidish. We also made them daven Mincha! Not only that, but we didn't even let them watch South Park!). One camper exclaimed, "I'm not going to look at girls in their bathing suits- I'm only 10!!"
After lunch, and after the sun was high in the sky, we of course had to eat our words, and let them go into the whirlpool.
The way we split up the bunk, I took the kids who wanted to go on the scary rides. Scary for them still means roller coaster, and that's it. Anything that even thinks about turning upside down isn't even in their definition of scary. There's no word yet for it.
But for one boy, I did change his life. I convinced him to go on an upside down roller coaster, and what do you know? He loved it, and went on every other coaster in the park, including the one that you ride lying on your back, and twisting you around. I didn't get to ride much, since I had to wait with the kids who didn't want to go on the cool roller coasters, but I was ok with that. By the end of the day, as I stated in the beginning of my post, I was worried I would die.
We made the schedule, so if we wanted, the boys could have stayed in the park for longer, but as I stated in the title of this post, it was inconceivably hot out, and I was ready for a shower and a bed.