Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spy out the land before you enter

Here's a quick lesson we can all learn from the story of the spies, as the Rebbe explains in chelek yud gimmel of Lekkutei Sichos:

Just like Moshe sent men to spy out the land before entering, so, too, must we all take time to think about the great effects and purposes that our Mitzvos and Torah have, before we go about doing them. If only we realize how we are connecting ourselves to Hashem by fulfilling His commandments and by learning His wisdom, our actions will have much greater effect.
Doing mitzvos is compared to entering Israel. Israel has a higher state of G-dly revelation than any other country. When we do a mitzvah, we draw down G-dliness into the mundane world, also to a higher degree of revelation than before.

Ok, gotta run. Have a great Shabbos!