Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Rabbi Paltiel farbrenged last night at his house.
"Gimmel Tammuz must not go by without us being inspired!" he declared, challenging us to make the most out of the day, and to try to internalize the messages and meanings.

One thing he said was that the most important part of the Pan is the second line, where you write your name, and your mother's. The difference between a Pan and a letter, is that when you write a letter to the Rebbe, you are writing with your Nara"n, and expect to be answered from the Rebbe's Nara"n. A Pan, though, connects your Yichada (the highest part of your soul) with the Rebbe's. By writing your name and your mother's name, you are connecting your Yichada, and giving yourself to the Rebbe. The rest of the Pan is just 'dressing'.
Rabbi Paltiel told us a story about a shliach a long time ago who didn't have any success communicating with a certain house on a campus. Everyone was Jewish, but they wouldn't let him make Shabbos services, or even host a meal. The one thing they allowed was for him to collect everyone's name and mother's name, and they saw him to the door, hoping never to hear from him again.
Many years later, a woman who had been in that group, had become frum. When she sat down and thought about it, she realized that not only was she frum, but every single member of that house way back in college had also become frum!! She searched for the shliach that had visited that one time, and asked him what he did. He told her he made sure to send every name in to the Rebbe! He does that with new person he meets.
Whether they knew it (and liked it) or not, he was bringing these people to the Rebbe, and creating a connection and pull which eventually led them all to become frum!