Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Land of the pines

As one song puts it: "I'm heading down south to the land of the pines/ and I'm thumbing my way into North Caroline."

I won't be thumbing any banjos as I make my way back into Dixie, but this Thursday I will be heading south for Shabbos, IY"H. I haven't been back to the Tar Heel State for two years. Did you know that N.C. is the tenth most populous state?
Anyhoo, what's a good trip down the Eastern Seaboard into the Bible Belt if you don't stop in the nation's capital? I'll be stopping in D.C. for a bit to visit for a special birthday.

What will I be doing on the Megabus, you ask me? Will I be utilizing the free Wifi, you ask?
No, probably not. I've got two smicha tests, one next week, and one the week after.

"Look away! Look away! Look away, Dixie Land!"
(That's from a famous song called 'Dixie'. Or called, 'I wish I was in Dixie'.)