Monday, June 21, 2010


For this summer's 'end of day/on trip/at home learning classes', I created a weekly booklet exhibiting some of our finest Jewish heroes and characters.
The first week deals with Avraham through Yosef, in the years 1948-2238 from creation.
The second week showcases the great Yocheved, Moshe, Aaron, Miriam, Yehoshua and Devorah; covering the years 2238-2700!
The third week is when campers will meet Rus, Eli the Kohen Gadol, Shmuel the Prophet and finally King David, just in the next 200 years until 2923. (Shimshon will be covered separately.)
The fourth week is Shlomo HaMelech, plus a whole bunch of the great Nevi'im, like Eliyahu, Elisha, Yirmiah, Yechezkel, ending with Ezra HaSofer. This will cover the years 2900-3413.
The fifth week is devoted to the great Tannaim of the Mishna- 3488-3950 from creation.
The sixth week they learn about the Amoraim of the Gemara, plus some Gaonim (in between are the Savoraim, but I don't have room to include any without excluding some great Amoraim), who lived between 3859-4800! (This is 99-1040 CE)
The seventh week is when we finally get to the Rishonim, like Rashi and the Rambam. 4800-5160, or 1000-1400 CE.

I would have them learn about some of the early achronim, and hope to reach the later achronim like the Baal Shem Tov for the eighth week, but from past experience I know that not much can be covered the last week of camp.

We first wanted to call it Jilp!, and only after did we put words to the acronym. It now stands for the: Jewish Identity Learning Program.

Our goal is to get kids to realize we have an awesome heritage full of heroes and larger than life supermen and women who sometimes even gave their lives to Hashem and for Judaism. In the booklets are little biographies and stories of our ancestors, and even the orthodox frum kids in camp will be able to learn new things, all about the great Jewish people.