Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It was us!!

I wasn't at the Rosh's farbrengen last night, although he was.
A friend of mine was also there, and he told me the following:
A certain shliach in New Jersey (I won't say his name) was at the farbrengen, and started saying how he went to a Chabad Yeshiva once to daven, and it was very shvach, and it made him depressed. Sometime later, a large group of counselors came to him for Shabbos, and they were good, normal, chassidishe bochurim, and they uplifted him...

Later that night, after the farbrengen, this shliach saw my friend outside, and asked, "Weren't you one of those counselors that came for Shabbos?!!" He went on to say that even now, whenever his young son wants to describe how great a Shabbos is, he'll say, "This was like the Shabbos when the bochurim were here!!"

It just goes to show, my friend told me, that you never know the extent of the impact that you can have on someone.

What makes this story more amazing is that we didn't feel we had such a good time, or that we did much there...