Monday, June 21, 2010

Hot Deal- Free trip to Israel!!!

Sizzling Hot! Hot! Hot! Get a free trip to Israel!!
If you are a frum bochur who is eligible for Birthright,
Follow this link:
and sign in for information about the winter trip.
And for the 100% Discount code, put in "Yossi" in the comments, so they put you in my discount group and they know to not charge you for the trip, and so all your food is strictly Kosher, and so you can have the chance to spend 10 (or more if you push off your ticket) awesome days in Israel with A Bochur In Lubavitch and with other frum bochurim (but are less important since they don't have blogs)!
(Mention this blog, and you may win a free Bedouin Camel!)
Hurry! Spaces are limited.
This is the deal of your life!

*I'm serious about everything besides for the camel. You do have to mention me in the comments to be put in my Lubavitch guys group. Oh, and also it's free no matter which program you go through.