Friday, June 11, 2010

Great Camp Idea

Really cool idea, huh? You can thank A Bochur In Lubavitch for the idea, and A Sister in Lubavitch for following through with the design. We're using 7-11 as the theme this summer in camp, but of course changing it to 7-70 for 5770. Anyone who wants to use this also for their camp, send me an email, I'll give you an incredibly cheap price (I have to charge something, and proceeds go to camp) for this cup*, and the 7-70 logo by itself, in color also.
abochurinlubavitch at gmail dot com
We're using this as the cover to our weekly journal, and we're calling it the CGI Gulp, obviously.

*Not an actual cup. I mean this image.

Have a great Shabbos!