Thursday, May 6, 2010

We're never alone!

In today's Hayom Yom, we are told that the Rebbe is never alone, and the Chossidim are never alone.
The fact that we don't find ourselves alone is much more significant now, after we've lost such a good friend. All of Nosson's friends and classmates and admirers have become closer and unified, as a comfort for each other.

I'm still on the prowl to find my hacker, but at least he seems to be a kindhearted one. Sort of like the helpful spammer who was giving blog compliments. As the author of my blog, I'm able to take down that post, and with Shloime Gertner singing, I was strongly tempted to do so, but I'm afraid to invoke the anger of the hacker. There are worse videos that could be posted. And if my hunch is correct as to the identity of said hacker, I think there are some videos that would be quite embarrassing for me personally if they were uploaded to a public viewing area.