Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wedding, now cooking

I just got back from a very nice chasuna of between fellow bloggers, mazal tov mazal tov.
(A bochur in Lubavitch even was honored with one of the sheva brachos during bentching. psssshhhh.)
There were so many internet celebrities present, in fact! I met Big N8, and Rabbi Cowboy, and TRS was there, plus E, and Nemo, and Feivel, and of course Sebastion, and Cheerio, and I saw Fakewood and LazyBoy...
With so many bloggers under one roof, I was worried the Va'ad Shmiras Hadas.... would find us.

Now I've got to...gulp....cook.
I'm hosting a Birthright sponsored Shabbos meal for a bunch of guys, and I've decided to tackle Chicken Chablis for the main course. I don't think it will go down without a fight, so I need all my wits about me.
Ta-ta for now. Merry Shabbos.