Monday, May 17, 2010

Two questions

Here's the first question, and it's about Shavuous:
The Torah says, "Tispiru chamishim yom," which means we are commanded to count 50 days, from the time the Omer was brought until Shavuous, in which we celebrate the Bikkurim and the grain harvest. We also commemorate the giving of the Torah which occurred on the sixth day of Sivan.
So if we are supposed to count 50 days, why don't we? Tonight is the last night of the omer that we count. We never make it to number 50!!

Here's the second question, and it's about G-d:
It says that Adam HaRishon was the first to crown G-d as our King. A king must be appointed by the people, onto themselves, like the sages say, "Ain Melech B'lo Am", which means: There is no king without a nation. Only if there is a nation, are there people to rule and be king over.
So why do we say every morning in the beginning of our prayers, "Adon Olam asher malach bterem kol ytzur nivrah," which means: 'The Master of the world Who was King before any creation was formed'???? How could Hashem be King if there was no nation of creations yet to be king over?

I'll give 500 YossiPoints for the correct answer to number one, and 1,000 (!!!!!! So many, I know!!) YossiPoints for the answer to number two. Just go ahead and leave your answers in the comments to the post.