Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Just today I finished learning the section of Yoreh Deah known as Hilchos Ta'aruvois.
Let me tell you, Siman Kuf Yud Aleph is such a great way to finish, if you've ever been there.
Ta'aruvois means forbidden mixtures. The jokes about a smicha bochur and Ta'aruvois are endless, and so cliche that oftentimes they do not even need to be said.
For those missing out on the humor, I'll give you the run-down.
Ta'aruvois we said means a mixture. The term given for the mingling or mixture of bochurim and meidelach is called Ta'aruvois as well. It is normally used in the negative context, denoting an inappropriate mixture. (In fact, some might say 'inappropriate mixture' in this case is redundant.)
Anyhoo, the joke of course is that you move on from one Ta'aruvois to another, i.e. dating...
Now you know.

And if you care to know what the last siman speaks about: What if you have two pots of food, and two pieces of meat, one of which is forbidden for consumption, and you know at least one of them fell into one of these two pots.....