Thursday, May 13, 2010

Released Time

Here are two quick vertlach from today's Released Time.

My chavrusa and I substituted for a group of children from a public school located at the bottom of Manhattan. We didn't intend to, but it ended up being played out as Good Bochur/Bad Bochur. I told all the stories and taught them about Shavuous, etc., and my chavrusa's main task was to hand out cookies and give them stern looks if they misbehaved. An eight year old girl named Ella complained to me, pointing to my chavrusa and declaring, "He's not blinking!!!!" I told her if she behaves, than maybe he'll blink.

On our way out of the subway, there was a man shouting quotes from the goyish bible at everyone walking past him up the stairs. Then he started chanting the name of the guy he worships, "Yoshke. Yoshke. Yoshke." Clapping his hands each time in a beat. My friend looks at me and singsongs the most popular cheer from overnight camps: "Sucks like crazy!" (Pardon my vulgarity. The S.L.C. chant is the most common form of smear campaign used in color war. While one team chants their team name, as in, "Adoneinu", or "Moreinu" or "Ray'ah Mehemna", the other team will stick in immediately the S.L.C. cheer to discredit their enemy's enthusiasm...)