Monday, May 24, 2010

Patience Rewarded

Thank you to everyone for your patience. Here are the answers to these questions.

1. Basically, we count our 49 days, and reach the highest level we can, as humans. Then Hashem grants us a monumental gift that is disproportionate to anything we could ever achieve. This is the 50th level.
2. The Rebbe Rashab brings an answer that is a play on words. Instead of saying "Ein Melech B'lo Am" which means "There is no king without a nation", you could substitute the Aramaic word for "Ein", which in the gemara actually means "Yes", and is pronounced more like "In", but spelled the same. In this light, the sages are really saying: "Yes. There is a king without a nation." This refers to a much higher level of Kingship, or Malchus, that Hashem has even before Adam HaRishon named Him King.