Monday, May 17, 2010

Fun Activity

Activity Name: COL Live!
Number of players: At least two.
Object: To react to a statement or story, through speech, as if you are comments from COL.
Example: Last night R' Manis gave a speech to bochurim. He mentioned something about a son developing to be like his father. A bochur asked if this is true for girls, as well. R' Freidman was amused and said that a few nights before, when he was speaking to girls and told them about daughters/mothers, one girl asked if it was the same for boys. Another bochur called out, "We should make a shidduch!"
Really, the Col Live! activity has already started, with this bochur's outburst. Players hearing this story could continue by saying something like, "No, way! She asked about boys, he asked about girls! That's opposite! Why would they be a good shidduch??" The next player might respond, "You're wrong. And why does everyone love Manis Friedman? 8th day isn't chassidish at all! I can't believe the Rabbanim haven't put a stop to it yet!" Another player might continue with, "Where's the achdus?? It's because of the fight at Lag B'omer that people cannot even get along on a website!!" And so on.
Note to teacher: Try to have the players be creative with their responses. To spice the conversation up, it's always good to throw in a random, "Woooooaaah! Mushky we love u! Great job!"

This really is fun, I suggest you try it. It's simple to learn. A lifetime to get tired of it.