Sunday, May 23, 2010

Destruction of the temple...nice!

Erev Shavuous I went on mivtzoim, delivering cheesecakes and holiday cheer. I was speaking to a woman who remarked about this being the last holiday for a while.
"Yes," I told her, "the next one isn't for a while, it's Rosh Hashana."
"Oh, that is a break, from this holiday to the next," she replied.
"Well, we do have two days in the middle when we fast and mourn the destruction of the holy temples..."
"Well, isn't that nice, then?"
Errrrr. Not really.

I remember watching a clip of Matisyahu in his early days. I don't know what he does these days at concerts, but apparently he used to farbreng with his audience, and speak in between songs. In the video, he was at a bar or another similar rowdy venue, and the crowd was going wild for him. He spoke about the message of a song he had just sung, and said,"....and for the destruction of our temple in Jerusalem", and everyone started cheering. As in, "Wooooaaah! Destruction of the temple!!"
They weren't listening either to the content of what he was saying.

So me and Matis- not bad.