Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baruch Dayan HaEmes

My friend died today.
I've known about it since this afternoon, but only after I typed that first sentence did I start to cry. As I read the comments on COL, and I see that I'm not alone in my feelings, the tears continue.
Nosson Nota A"H ben Tzirel is right now lighting up the hallways and chambers of Heaven. Everyone is shocked about how this could happen. We all enjoyed his presence so much in this world, we didn't think that maybe Hashem was jealous and wanted him in His.
I still can't process this all. I want to vent my anger and confusion. I wish there was some way to express myself. I don't need a curse word, those are for lazy people who cannot think before they speak.
I was with Nosson on shlichus last year in Los Angeles. He was such a party animal, when he got started at a farbrengen, nobody was safe! The jokes and shtechs were flying, we couldn't get a serious farbrengen going! The strategy that developed was to help him down a bottle, watch him slip under the table, and then start! Of course, every ten minutes he would make sure we didn't forget about him.
Oy, Rebbe.
No more Golus.
And no more suffering! Their family in particular has gone through so much hardship, it's not fair.