Monday, April 26, 2010

Treif, Trolls, and Onesies

A friend and fellow blogger, over at Letters Of Thought has recently published some emails he has received, from some people vehemently opposed to different controversial topics Mottel has blogged about.

I'm afraid that I am no exception to this War on Bloggers.
I have been hounded from different sides about my stance on Pajama Day.
Now, Pajama Day enthusiasts and extremists may not be as publicly vocal as animal rights activists, for example, but they are just as militant.

So here is my compromise. Whoever will buy me one of those onesies/footy's for adults, I will send them a picture of me wearing it, on pajama day in camp. That's right. I will go back on my previously published pajama opinion, and make sure to reinstate pajama day in my camp. After all, if I had one of those adult footy's or onesies, I would probably make pajama day once a week.

(Link to website that sells these, to come. My internet is slowing down, perhaps from the volcanic debris.)