Thursday, April 22, 2010

See ya in your PJ's!!

As the school year comes to a close, and with Pesach behind us, we start sliding down the hill of Spring, gaining speed until we finally bounce into Summer. (Yossi, grammatically we don't capitalize seasons....)
Summer equals camp, and for most day camps, it also equals Highly-Inappropriate-Come-Dressed-In-Your-Form-Fitting-Ninja-Turtles-Nightwear-Day, or 'Pajama Day'.
Finally, I'm in a position of power (best friends with the head counselor, and co-planner of all summer fun). I am utilizing this power to put an end to the horrible idea known as Pajama Day.
There are so many times during the day that as a counselor, I am extremely cautious not to get into situations that could chas v'shalom lead to baseless accusations regarding the camper-counselor relationship. I cannot be alone with any camper in a room, for example. I must not let a camper jump up on me and hug me. When I go to visit a camper in his own home, I must be very careful in this area, also.
It's sad that it must be like this. The depressing truth is that an eight-year-old's word usually will win over an adult counselor.
And yet, we have Pajama Day.
Putting those concerns aside, Pajama Day is such a non-tznius camp activity. And to encourage the counselors to participate? I'm sorry, but campers and staff alike all need to be wearing normal clothes throughout the day, especially if you would see what some of these kids wear (or don't) when they go to sleep.
Am I being fanatical? A prude? A party pooper?
I'll let you decide on the poll.

And if the camp has a girl's division right next door? Pajama Day should for sure be banned and abolished!

Deciding which camp activities and special days we want to have on our calendar, we were looking through past years' calendars. One day said, "Pajama Popcorn Day! See ya in your pj's!!"

No. We'll just make a "Clothes and Popcorn Day! We don't wanna see ya in your pj's!"