Thursday, April 15, 2010


When I was a counselor four years ago in CGI Montreal, an overnight camp, one of my most pleasurable times of the day was at night, after lights out. It would take forever to convince the stragglers to hurry up and finish brushing their teeth. We also had to kick out of the bunkhouse at least one camper a night, who was intent on causing a ruckus and preventing his fellow campers from going to sleep. I also had to take time and energy reminding and convincing a certain camper to take his 'Krias Yam Suf' pill... But after that, and the whole room was silent,  my co-counselor and I had the floor. Before beginning a story, I would point with my flashlight to the picture of the Rebbe that adorned our bunkhouse. Soon it became a tradition for all of the campers to add their own small lights (which can be taken as a metaphor, as well) to mine, creating a brilliant spotlight on the Rebbe's picture. Each night, I would tell the campers, "Make sure to look at the Rebbe before going to sleep, and think about him. Because you can be sure that he is thinking about you."
After that, we got to confiscate flashlights, when their owners turned them into lightsabers and shone them into each others eyes.