Friday, April 30, 2010


Yesterday was my sister's birthday. To me, 'birthday' brings to mind original song and balloons.
So that's what I did.
I spent the whole day huffing and puffing, and managed to blow up over a thousand balloons. It didn't have desirous effects on my fingers or lips, from all the latex, and now I'm extremely congested, but it was well worth it. Thanks to the few friends that came and helped for some of the time.
If you want to find out who your true friends are, ask them to come in the middle of the day and help blow up a ton of balloons.
And once my sister's birthday comes to a close, we start to look forward. There are two more birthdays in my family, eight days later. One is mine. Can you guess whose is the second?
Twenty two is mighty old, but I look forward to it. My birthday is on a Thursday this year, which is swell. I get to have a solemn, holy day, followed by a farbrengen that night (the renowned R' Paltiel presiding). It is not very pleasant when you farbreng the night before your birthday, since hungover is not the proper way to celebrate this occasion.
I plan to go to the ohel, and I know at least a few others on the bus with me share my birthday. An old learning teacher of mine was on the bus with me a few years ago, so I surmised that we share birthdays, and I was correct. If you think about it, it is very cool. There is a small group of people that all share the same birthday, on a bus together with one purpose: going to the ohel. While I said earlier that hungover is not the right mood to be in on your birthday, that doesn't mean you can't say a few lchaims, especially with those on the bus with you (and who might have the same birthday, so they really deserve a lchaim!). We'll see who is interested in drinking to a grand new year with me. A friend's mother has everyone on her Ohel bus (or any Egged bus (not as in 'vandalized'. This word has two syllables.)) finish the whole tehillim, and not just on her birthday but every time she rides somewhere.

I'm sure I'll be pontificating more about my birthday when we're closer, but one last item:
One special thing is Thursday morning. After just one night's rest, I will wake up being suddenly an entire year smarter, more responsible, more chassidish....