Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Scavenger Hunts

In CGI Montreal, there are tiny towns across the lake from camp. We'd row out there in boats once a week for 'runaways', and creative counselors would come up with scavenger hunts for the bunks.
These were the craziest scavenger hunts ever. Here are some things I've seen or wouldn't be surprised to see, on a list of things a bunk needed to accomplish:
  • Take a shower in someone's house
  • Get caught shoplifting
  • Hold up a bank
The first two I saw. The third I'm assuming could have been there. I'm not big into the chillul Hashem stuff, so I never was a good camper/counselor when it came to Montreal scavenger hunts.

Why am I speaking about camp? And why am I talking to myself?
I can't answer the last question, but as to the first: I've been preparing for the summer. We have to finish gathering our staff, and continue to work on ideas for learning classes, rain emergency plans, etc.
Did I tell you where I'm going? I decided to go back to Manalapan, NJ. Third time's the charm.