Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Prominent Proboscis

I have a prominent, very Jewish proboscis. I'm not ashamed of it.
At the Purim party at the Chabad House on Sunday where I read the megillah, they had a caricature artist.
The drawing was a very compelling likeness of A Bochur In Lubavitch, except he made my nose huge. Seriously half the surface area of my face!
I don't find that funny. Why would I want to keep a drawing of me that looks ugly and ridiculous?
I wasn't the only victim. The shlucha's mother had her caricature drawn, and she ended up with three chins! I don't know what people think about noses, but I know that nobody likes to be drawn as a fat blob. Why would an artist draw people in an exaggerated, ugly light? I don't get it. Why would we want these drawings to remember the fabulous time at Chabad we had? We look awful.