Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pending Assignment

My status on Merkos's website says I've been accepted and I'm pending assignment.
Here's what happened at today's meeting with the big Rabbi K.
About 12 of us were seated around the table. Rabbi K. started to ask us questions, the first of which: What's your name?
Would you be surprised if I told I got that question wrong? He had been checking off people's names on the list he had in front of him. With my luck, my name could not be found. Shneur N. told Rabbi K. that I was supposed to be on it, and with a sigh of relief, I wasn't told to get out of the conference room.
After our names, Rabbi K. started asking some basic questions that we might encounter on our shlichus. Why can't I marry this nonJewish woman? Why do we have to wait so long to eat at the seder? Why can't I bring in this expensive wine? What's with Karpas? Why are we stealing the afikomen?
Things like that. He was trying to impress upon us the importance of our shlichus, and how we must be prepared to respond to these types of questions someone with little or no Jewish education might ask.