Friday, March 5, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding

If you thought you were my best friend, and did not get married last night, or did get married, but did not see me in attendance, don't fret! I've got lots of best friends. You and I are still good buds.

But yesterday I did go to Baltimore, and had a grand time with a lot of my friends and classmates making the 6-hour-total and 45-dollar-total-in-tolls trip.
None of us brought a camera, but picture this: A Bochur In Lubavitch wearing classy silver cufflinks, a hot silver tie (Now you should know, that the word 'hot' here denotes awesome and snazzy. Not hot as in 'hot pink'. 'Hot silver' would be some glittery neon color, and that's not what I mean with the word 'hot'. Okay, continue reading-) and fancy shirt.
I looked awesome, aren't you sad you missed it?
I don't remember if it was my idea first to wear ties, but in the end we all had them on. It had an interesting effect. Normally people look to bochurim to be the shleppers/fressers/dancers/niggun singers and crowd fillers. When someone would look to us, though, he'd have second thoughts. After all, we were wearing ties.
When I was speaking to the chosson, he introduced me to his new zaidy, who told me that a bochur only wears a tie when he's becoming a chosson... In fact, embarrassingly enough, I was asked if I wanted to be introduced to one of the Kallah's sisters... But I explained that I came with only the one purpose of dancing at my friend's wedding, not preparing for my own. **

I couldn't drink (that much...) because I was going to drive back after the chasunah, but in the end my friend made the drive back, instead.

It was a long day, and now I have to sleep so I can be awake on Shabbos.

** I'm really tired. If I was in a clearer state of mind, I would write some sort of ending line, starting with, "Besides, ....." and then write some witty reason why I didn't want meet any girls at the wedding. I was thinking about saying something about blogging, or smicha, but nothing really fell into place. Oh well.