Friday, March 12, 2010

Disgustingly and Deliriously Happy

I am a very happy person. A simple proof for this is how I can't frown. It is also why only the smallest things could sometimes upset me, and I'll post rants about bathrooms built two feet from the dining room table, or how umbrellas are hard to use for different height people walking past each other. (Really big link, I know.)
You know what I found also upsets me? The fact that I'm upset.
I'll realize I'm in a sour mood, and that makes me more upset.

It's because I'm such a happy person. I'm not trying to toot my own horn, I'm just saying it the way it is. Baruch Hashem, my biggest problems are things like this, and my bad news consists of things like this.

I think I am not a good frowner because of how often I'm smiling or laughing. I just don't have enough practice with the upside down smile.

Now you're asking yourself what the point of this post was. What you really should be asking yourself is: "What would Yossi do"? If you're in a situation that seems tough, just find something that you can laugh at and incorporate into a witty blog post (or pretend blog post, if you're not a blogger.... yet).

Have a great Shabbos!

Oh. If you need a dvar Torah and you were counting on me to do your work for you, I'll leave you with a quickie: The women spun the goat-hair curtains on the goats themselves, while they were alive (the goats, as well as the women)!  How fun! Not so fun for the goats, though. Which is why, to not leave them in uncomfortable positions for more longer than necessary, the hair was cut off and woven into the curtains immediately, even before the beams of the Mishkan were constructed. Normally the way you build a house, you put up the walls, and then the ceilings. The yidden cared for the goats' comfort and made the curtains first. How much more so should we care for another Jew's spiritual well-being, and make sure he is not going through any soul-pains!