Thursday, February 11, 2010

Zippity Do Dah!

You know me. I take life in stride. I try to find fun in the little things.
When walking through the snow, I'll very likely jump and hop my way over and around the little mounds of snow and icy puddles.
But earlier today, I was walking, minding my own business, when out of nowhere I saw this little icy puddle in the street I was crossing, close to the sidewalk. I hiked up my pants, gritted my teeth, set my jaw, and jumped.
It was truly spectacular. And, and, I was coming back from Mr. Clean It (or is it just Mr. Clean? Or is he the paper towel guy? hmmmm...) with my recently dry-cleaned suit, all covered in plastic, which I was holding high in my hand as I jumped.
Thank goodness my suit was plasticked.
Where I landed (and it would have been a beautiful dismount had it been on firm ground. (Woops! I just gave it away!)) instead of the solid piece of snow and sidewalk I thought it to be, was really about a five foot deep hole of icy sludge.
Well, not five feet. But it did splash everywhere, and it went up past my knees!
Anyone else surely would have blurted out an obscenity. Instead, echoes of my: "Oh, boy!" reverberated throughout Albany Avenue, causing many to turn and stare.
My suit came out unscathed, due to its plasticky exterior.
I either need to plastic-up myself when I walk outside, or stop trying acrobatic stunts while walking.