Saturday, February 20, 2010

What was it like?

My inbox has been flooded (snort) with good wishes from my fans and stalkers, asking me, "Yossi, what was it like, not blogging on ABIL for so long?" in a hushed whisper. I imagine it was hushed, anyway. These were emails (and fake ones, if you didn't understand what the snort meant.).

The first 48 hours were definitely the hardest. The uncontrollable tremors were to be expected, based on the detox books I've read. What I wasn't ready for were the frequent migraines and occasional munchies.

But I'm good now, baruch Hashem. If you don't know why I stopped blogging, let's just say that I gave in to terrorism. My friends helped me see the bigger picture, so I'm back.

Since there could be eyes reading this who I don't trust, I won't exactly tell you what I was up to in the meantime, if you don't know already...