Friday, February 5, 2010

Welcome to the Shchuna

To all High School Meidelach,

As long as you start to the follow these simple rules, we will all have a wonderful weekend:

  1. Do not congregate in groups larger than 60 in number at various spots on Kingston, Albany, etc. These human roadblocks make it hard for pedestrians and especially bochurim to navigate their way to such locations as 770 and Kahn's. Personally, I feel like the ball in a game of Pong, being bounced back and forth to either side of the street to weave around and bypass these gatherings.
  2. No shrieking. I cannot make it any simpler than that. No shrieking. 
  3. Don't hang around in a store if you are not planning on buying anything.
  4. Similar to Rule Number 2, do not converse on the phone loud enough for everyone in the vicinity to hear.
Thank you, and enjoy your stay!